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In many cases loss of libido is attributable to psychological and emotional problems, these are stored in the chakras and can be dormant for many years. The oils will help balance the chakra back up by freeing the emotions to come to the top.
Crown chakra
This is the spiritual connection, when it is open, sex can become a universal magical experience.If it is closed however it can become just about the self in the present moment....This chakra links to Compassion at oneness, love, unconditionally...When functioning optimally, the crown chakra allows inner communications with our spiritual nature to take place. The opening in the crown chakra (located in the same area as the soft spot on a baby's head) serves as an entryway wherein the Universal Life Force can enter our bodies and be dispersed downward into the lower six chakras housed below it. This chakra is often depicted as a lotus flower with its petals open to represent spiritual awakening. The crown chakra could also be considered the bottomless well from which intuitive knowledge is drawn.
Third Eye
If this chakra is closed, it can lead to an over dependence on others since you feel unable to clearly yourself - it is a little like being blind. This is also the chakra involved in intution.....Awareness of self/others relates to the eyes, regulates hormonal and endocrine functions.The third eye chakra is also called "brow chakra." Our mental calculations and thinking processes are functions of the third eye chakra. We are able to evaluate our past experiences and life patterns and put them into perspective through the wisdom of the third chakra's actions. Our ability to separate reality from fantasy or delusion is connected to the healthfulness of this chakra. It is through a receptive brow chakra that auric hues and other visual images are intuited clairvoyantly.
Throat chakra
This chakra is all about communication, so if it is open you can communicate your desires and the things that you enjoy, If it is closed you will feel unable to say if you don t like something perhaps sex is not what you would like it to be....This chakra is linked to open clear communication of feelings / thoughts from a place of knowing.The throat chakra is associated with the vocal cords and the thyroid gland. It is the chakra of communication, telepathy, and creative expression. Unexpressed emotions tend to constrict this energy center. Your inner truth is your sense of what is correct-your innate tendencies and inclinations. In every situation, we should be humble, open, and receptive, suspending all previous judgments in order to grasp the inner truth of the matter. If we rely on the truth of our inner voice to guide us, our actions will be in accord with the times.
Heart Chakra
The heart chakra is associated with altruistic love and the ability to surrender. If this chakra is open, you will as if you are in love. When it is closed you will feel cut of, closed, scared of getting hurt and unable to love. You feel vulnerable or afraid of commitment...This chakra is linked to trusting,transformation, growth, On its spiritual level the heart chakra directs us along our path of life in a way that allows us to achieve our maximum potential..It is imperative, now, that we keep our hearts open, and replace judgments with acceptance. It is vital that we learn to love even more, and to allow ourselves to be loved. We must relate in our relationships, and use communication to clear misunderstandings and disagreements. When we can keep ourselves in a loving space, we will have a positive effect on our environment, a healing effect.
Solar Plexus
This is th chakra that is most connected with personal identity. it is also the chakra associated with love. When it is blocked, sex can feel threatening. The person may feel as if it is difficult to let go, or receive any love.This chakra is also linked to strong self esteem, negative emotions, will power over self. The solar plexus chakra is related to the digestive organs. It is associated with action, assertion, empowerment, and ego mastery. It is the area where chi or life force is stored. Malfunctions in the navel chakra may leave you feeling tired, powerless, and withdrawn.
Sacral Chakra
This chakra is the creative and sexual centre. It governs pleasure, fertility and desire. If energy will be stifled or reduced and you can feel stiff in the lower back. People may be reluctant rather than an emotional or sensual experience.This chakra is linked to feelings, sensual, warm, good relationships. The sacral chakra affects the sexual organs. The functions associated with this center are emotion, vitality, fertility, reproduction, and sexual energy in general. Likewise, any problems in these functions can be identified and resolved through this chakra. The physical transmission of rhythmic energy to the sacral chakra removes any blockages that may hamper these functions.
Root Chakra
The base or the root chakra lies at the base of the spine and is where the sleeping Kundalini energy flows smoothly in this chakra, your sex life feels grounded without fear and complete..This chakra is also linked with instincts, secure, highly motivated,root chakra is unblocked, you will experience good health, and feel more secure in all you do. It provides us with a base of operation to help us feel like we are on a level basis to operate in today’s world. It grounds our being and lets us connect to all of the Earth’s energies and you will be better able to operate during your normal daily activities.
If you are experiencing some of the difficulties listed above, then you may have a blocked Root Chakra. It’s vital that you cleanse your spirit and get it unblocked so you can experience the peace of mind you deserve.The root chakra is related to the anus and the adrenal glands. When poorly grounded, your spatial understanding is impaired. You may stumble around physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. Grounding enhances your ability to function effectively on a day-to-day basis.
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