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 All Healing will be sent out Daily..Blessed Be Maria xxx
Hi Maria,Hope you dont mind me asking but if you have a healing list would you mind putting my sister Jill Moss on it she has had cancer twice and it has come back again in more places and they have now given her 6 to nine months she is only 55 i understand she can not be cured but just some help to ease her pain and suffering and a peaceful passing would be much appreciated take care Maria hope you get a better nights sleep tonight love,light and many blessings love and (((HUGS))) Ann XXX
Hi Marie,
Can you send healing for my back pain. My anxiety and depression I don't want to deal with it anymore. Also for my entire family, Olivia,Tony,Rosalia and Jeff who is in jail right now and having a tough time! Blessings and Thank you! Josi x
 Hi Marie, Can I have some healing for crohns disease please. I am doing self healing as well.
Thank you Jacqui

Hi Marie, please could some healing be sent to my Uncle Roy who is poorly and having a tough time at home.  And some to me to help clear the current fogginess Im getting and help install some positivity in me.  Thank you love and blessings xx Paula xx
 i'd like healing pleas to go tomy son jason hughes and my step grandson lucas bostock also to ralph osbourne ty lorraine hughes

 Hi Hon,
Can you send healing to me please for my left knee and my right foot because of the stress frature and to me as well..
Blessing's with love and light.xx Olga x
Hi Marie, could you please send healing for my son Ben as he has a lung problem which keeps recuring and me please of my Alopecia  Areata which is quite bad at the moment thank hun Shani

its for me marie im in a really black place at the mo and carnt seem to get out of it.... many thanks Helen....xxxx

My girlfriend Karin Arnholtz could use some healing. She goes through a difficult period of her life. She is about to find himself. And let go of the past. And find her strength.xxMichael Psychic-Phoenix Intuitive
My sister in law some healing, she is in Sydney Hospital in Australia. She was in a horrible motor bike accident yesterday with her husband, he unfortunately died I've just found out. Please send love and healing to her, wish we could be with her. xxx  her name is Poly Hill.Thank you Deb...
Please could i have some healing for my best friend J.  She can't let go of the past and her emotions are taking her over, Im really worried.  Also for my parents friend Brenda in Suffolk, who is in the late stages of cancer, Id like some healing sent to help make her remaining time peaceful and comfortable. Thank you marie, much love  Paula xx
Hi hun  i would love some healing  if u dont mind marie x  just to give me some more energy and to stop stressing so much bout things in life that dont nesesary   need to worry bout xxx thanx hun xxlove n light  sarah xxxxxxx they say to heal the body we need to heal the mind n i would say mine needs healing sarah elizabeth brittain

 My friend Tracey and her 2 boys that their lives will get better and better xx
Sammie Bowring would love some healing please thank you xx
Hi Marie,
I luv your website. There is so much to see. Well done on a great job.
Can you also add my Mum, Mary & my Grandaughter, Shakur to your Healing Book please?
Thank you so much. xxx 
  Hi Marie xx
I would love u to send some healing to my dad John Goff who has been very poorly since September, with an Abcess which erupted in his groin area, when they operated it measured 5' by 4' by 4' he was on the mend slowly but now is bad again and losing blood clots in his waterworks.  He is a paraplegic due to a works accident 29 yrs ago.  I just want my dad well for xmas with his family xx
God bless Claire xx

 Please send healing for my father in law Gordon who has been diagnosed with cancer.Thank you Angie griffiths
Hi Marie could you please send healing message to my wife sue ..... she has not been very well and is in hospital...Nev westhead..
Can you please add my friend louise oakley to your healing list, shes  is very very poorly, From Tracey Facebook...
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