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What is a Hedge Witch 
If someone is thrown by the word witch, I tell them that it really means wise woman and i have been told this many times by Friends i just say ok enough of that i am just me, But i hope i do offer wise words of hope and Calm....And lets face it there have been many wise women through the centuries to many to name. 

A Hedge Witch does not belong to a coven. She does not follow the tenets of any sect or organized religion. Her craft is her own - usually handed down to her by family and honed by her own experience and research.
You will not find two Hedge Witches that are alike. Each follows her own path. The common thread that puts us under the heading of Hedge Witch is our herbal remedies and our solitary spiritual practices

he name, Hedge Witch, comes from days of old when villages were separated by forests. The edge of a village where the forest began was called the hedge. In most villages there was an herbal practitioner, who lived in the forest or near the edge of the forest. This was the person the villagers appealed to when there was no doctor, or the doctor couldn't cure them. The practitioner who lived by the hedge and practised herbal arts was called a Hedge Witch.

Today, a Hedge Witch may or may not live near the forest, but you likely will find her there at one time or another walking in the woods and gathering her thoughts.

Most Hedge Witches have a reverence for nature. They know the medicinal and spiritual properties of everything that grows, and they understand nature's balance. A wise Hedge Witch enlists nature to deal with natural problems. I allow what you call weeds to Grow in my garden as they have many befits.

 I ground myself this is very important when your working with Energies you can feel a little spaced out so in the morning i will go outside and will get greeted by the Birds. Crows and Blackbirds i make sure they have food and water. I love this time of year Everything is Green the Baby Birds are coming out of their nests and its so peaceful.   
Smudging is a practice that I do many have asked what is it , how do you do it. So i tell them to use sage,Lavender and sweet grass. It is a way of clearing energies in my home and also my own personal energy field, invoking spirits who guide me on my magical path and asking for a cleansing of my aura. This is very important as we can get clogged up with others Energies and being an Empath i pick up on others where ever i am including The weekly shop so i am in and out as quick as i can lol....Its a Shame that the word Witch is still badly spoken about she is nothing to fear as i said at the top of the page she is a Wise women....

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