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It is never easy you know you have something their, but you are not sure what to do with it coming to Psychic development classes will and can change all that for you...You have to find the right class and teacher but you will be drawn to one that will be right for you...Each course is a practical introduction to accessing and developing your psychic awareness. Learn the essential techniques of protection, grounding and how to sense and work with your chakras and aura.
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Guided visualisations and exercises will help to develop your understanding and confidence in connecting with Spirit. You just have to have faith that you can do this...All of us have psychic abilities we just need to learn how to use them and not abuse them...You will have many guides a long this path each one teaching you something different, its up to you as a person to understand and work with your guides.You also have your gatekeeper that has been with you since birth and will remain with you till you pass over once more..And many Angles that will help you...
Learn how to recognise the presence of our guides and helpers, and trust that they are working with us. Using various methods to help us create a stronger relationship with them, we will build a good foundation to work upon, so that our guides who walk with us on our spiritual journey become our friends. In my development classes you will learn many things  From....
)Vision quest
)Moon Magic
)Angle cards
)Candle Magic
)Angel therapy
)Past Lives
)Tea leaf readings
)Spirit Animals
UNIORCORN spiritual

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