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If you are looking for a spiritual path or a place to belong, then you have found it. At Medicinelady Medium, we have the leadership and community to make every member feel welcome and comfortable.
Maria is avabile for Charity events please phone...07745994743

blue candlePsychic workshop Saturday 29th July 2017 £47.00 Limited to 20 people. 

This workshop aims to show you how to enhance your normal senses, There by showing you how they can be used on a psychic level.
You will learn how to meditate, Meet with your guides. How to ground yourself, Learn how to use your own abilities and listen to what you higher self is telling you.
work with your chakras.
An essential part of this workshop is working with energy, learning how to raise the energy with in the group.
Learning how to trust and understand what you are feeling, Why we are being given the energy, How does it work, How it is used. Reading doodle art that you will be doing yourself. How to use a pendulum.Flower reading. This will be a fun packed day. Please bring a packed lunch with you. Tea/coffee/juice cake will be supplied. At the end of the course you will have a better insight in to how we can work with energy and spirit. There will be a follower up course for those that wish to develop further. This workshop is limited to 20 people and gets booked up very quick. A £12.00 deposit needs to be paid on booking that will be  non refundable. The outstanding £35.00 needs to be paid one week before course date via paypal. Or you can come to Enchanted crafts wimborne market and pay in full when booking....

Native AmericanEmpowering Women Saturday15th July 2017 £47.00

Have you allowed your power to be given away, get it back with this one day workshop, Have you lost your spark, Confidence, Self worth, Self love, Judgemental thoughts about yourself & others.  Are you being bullied, Verbally put down, Are you shy, Cant say what you want to say for fear of the back lash. Are you affected from your childhood and carry this with you. Face your inner demons, Are you carrying this forward from a past life, yes this can also happen what ever lesson you did not learn you will carry this for many life times. Let go of the social masks that you have. We all hide who we really are for fear of backlash from family and friends. Most women will turn there lives upside down to please others, lovers, family, children, friends, Each time you do this you give a bit more of your power away. Do you really want to put up with behaviour like this you say yes out of guilt and deep inside you are saying why did i just do that. You have a right to say NO your voice matters.
So many women give away there power and they do not know they have done it. Someone may criticise you it hurts you get upset and may lash out, you are given that person control over your happiness. The only person that should have control is you..........

This one day workshop will teach you how to stand up for yourself regain your power back. enhancing communications.. Respect for yourself..
Make more choices in your life, Gain courage. Take control of your life, Let go of fear. Respect do you have it for yourself.
Empower yourself, Self love, Embrace your inner wisdom, And your shadow-self. Getting to know yourself, Learn to love your own company.
An empowered women is her own goddess, Manifest success, Flame magick. Angel messages to guide you, Affirmations to say every day, Life lessons we all have to learn these and some are very hard, Sacred space we all need this, Meditation to stay in control , Transition to move forward. Healing with drums. In this workshop you will learn many things to take control of your life and your dreams. Its hard to deal with emotions but we have to in order to heal ourselves. 
From this one day workshop there will be 10 further every 2 weeks for one afternoon the cost of this will be £15.00 each half day workshop will get you more forward and stronger then you ever dreamed, by the time you have finished you really will not know yourself, There will be on going help from myself to get you through. 
This workshop is limited to 20 places and they book up very quickly. There will be a 12.00 Deposit  none refundable The balance of £35.00 is to be paid a week before the workshop date. You can pay by paypal in the online shop.Or pop into Enchanted crafts wimborne market and pay. You will need to bring a packed lunch, Tea/coffee/ juice/cake will be supplied. Blessings Maria.    © 2017 Maria Hickford All rights reserved.

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MEDICINEWOMEN workshop...You will learn the basics to become a Medicinewomen, What she stands for, the history behind the word Medicinewomen. Going back to nature Using Herbs and what their use is for.. Making a healing Wand.& Healing candle Meditation, Connecting  to your Guides.  The craft will live through you weather you believe or not ..Magick is very powerful. its inside all of us Learning the Medicinewomen ways,....women power will rain ..Price £40,00 for the day 10.30 am to 4.30 pm. Tea/ Coffee/ juice/cake will be provided but please bring a packed lunch. Address will be given on Booking. 

Reiki workshop Are held through out the year and on a one to one or Groups of 4 to 8.
table-setting-in-restaurant-close-up-Reiki Level1 £60,00......10AM to 4PM
1 to 1 or groups Reiki Training can be done in one day, provided they put aside time the next day for personal study and practice.
No prior qualifications are needed, but it is helpful to experience a Reiki treatment (or several) yourself before training. 
Training at this level is for self-healing and well-being, and also to use for your friends and family.  You will also learn ways of using Reiki to benefit animals and plants. The following schedule gives you some idea of what to expect, although the order of sessions may vary.

Day One:  Introductions and opening blessing.  The history of Reiki.  The Reiki Principles. Guided meditations and energy exercises. Techniques for cleansing your own energy field.   Three attunement rituals to open your crown, heart and palm chakras to the Reiki energy.  You will learn and practise hand positions for giving a treatment to yourself and others.
Practice treatments on each other.  Ethical and practical guidance for case study treatments. Sharing, question and answer session.You will recive your Reiki 1 certificate at the end of the Day.You will need to bring a packed lunch drinks will be included. 
Reiki 2 Practitioner Course Reiki Level 2 £75,00..... 10AM to 4.30PM
,Only those Passing there  Reiki 1 certificate are eligible.  At least three months' practice is recommended between Reiki 1 and Reiki 2.
For individuals or a small group of 5 to 8 people This is a one day course.   Holding a level 2 certificate allows you to apply for insurance and practise as a Reiki Practitioner for the general public 
Day One: Introductions and opening blessing. Guided meditation and energy exercises.  You will receive two  attunements.  You will learn three powerful Reiki symbols and ways of using them.  In particular you will learn different methods of distant healing through time and space, including self-healing of yourself at a younger age.    
: You are able to exchange a full treatment with another student using the symbols. Going over what you have learnt for the day befor getting your certificate at the end of the Day. You will need to bring a packed lunch drinks will be included. 

Reiki Masters course will be taken over 3 Months £250,00 This can be paid Monthly to help spread the cost.
This will be held for 1 Afternoon or Evening a Month for 3 Months followed by self-development and personal preparation, you will have 6 Case studys to work on 2 each month and write up a Report on how you felt doing the Treatment, And how your case study was feeling. You will also need to write up 3 course  books 1 for level 1 Reiki. 2nd Level Reiki, And Masters Level.    Level 3 is only for those who wish to Teach Reiki on to others.  You will learn the secret rituals of the attunements, how to plan training courses and ways of deepening your own connection to the Reiki energy. Two more Attunments will take place weather permitting out side at the end of the 6 months and we get to go to lunch to celebrate your passing to master level. 

Address to be given with booking


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