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New Begings
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Earth Angels

I hope this works lol trying to get my head round how you reply back...xx

Empower yourself


Here is to 2012

Its been awhile since i updated this, well we have gone in to 2012 wow what a great year this is going to be, I have almost finished writting my First Book and with a second one on the go to. I have come so far in 2011 and looking forward to all the events in 2012 that i will be doing. wishing you all a good year and hope your dreams come true for you many blessings Marie x

New beginings

well where do i start so much has happened in the last six months, I have moved house that was a trial in it self and very upsetting as well. But i know in my heart that i made the right choice for me even tho it upset other people hopefully in time they will see why i did move out and go on my own...
I also have not been very well with no energy i could have quiet happly stayed in bed the whole time it has been a real struggle getting myself out of bed each day, And then i ended up in hospital just over two weeks ago with a kidney stone that just about topped me of, I have never felt such pain other then being in labor with my children but i must say the DRs were great and knew what was wrong with me, fourteen hours i was in there and total spaced out with the drugs they gave me..Its only the last few days that i have felt a little better. A huge thanks to my daughter Sam who was there to look after me and took me back to her house to rest. A big thanks to my son Geoff who then landed me with oh mum i am renting a shop to do my Tattoos lol all i could say was can you talk to me when i feel better as i could not take it all in what he was saying. Well he has pulled it of and i am very proud of him with the work he has done trying to get it ready for next monday Feb the 14th. He has made me a room to work from doing my Readings and Reiki and i trust in spirit that this is the way forward for me after many stop and gos over the years..So here is to studio 59 and hope we both do really well...Blessings x

Moving on

Well i am not more or less settled in my new home still not got things where i really want them but due to illness it has had to waites, they say well i know spirit will knock you of your feet when they think you need a rest...
Hopefully exciting time will lay ahead for me in the next few months starting with my older Son opening a Tattoo shop i am glade to say he was thinking of me at the time as well as there is enough room for me to do my Readings and to that i say whoop whoop lets get started, But hay all in good time i need to be 100/percent well in myself after a short spell in hospital with Kidney stones.

Earth Angels

Earth Angels do you feel different from other people, as if you dont belong here and wondering when you will be going home..
An Earth Angel is a soul with non-Earthly origins Although all souls originate from the same Divine shape our personalities and physical characteristics.
All the lives you have lived before will have had an impact on you, the inside is the same for everyone a spark of Divine light.
Thats why when we do our work we shine our light naked to our human eye but to spirit it will look light a light house glowing in colour.

Totem Animals

  •  The Cat...In Western tradition, black cats have been associated with witchcraft. This is due to black being associated with supposed perils of the night, and the cat is associated with transformation just as the veil of night shifts our perception of reality. 
  •  The Bear.... Patience and Connection
    Hibernating with our ideas or projects until a better time presents itself. Further, bear will speak to you about connecting to both earth-based energy and celestial (sun/moon) forces. Tapping into the bear will also allow you to tap into the wax, wane and flow of life.
  • Halloween: The Pagan Festival of Samhain

    Our ancestors celebrated New Year on November 1st.
    They celebrated their New Year's Eve on October 31st.
    Samhain (pronounced 'sow-in') marked the end of the "season of the sun" (Summer) and the beginning of "the season of darkness and cold" ( Winter).

    Full Moon Magic

    Thursday was a full moon i had not been to moon meet for a couple months as other things had got in the way. And even then on that day i was thinking shall i go as it was raining quiet heavy out side, But i am glade i had two good friends Jess and Steve that said come on we are going. Once i got their it felt so right and calming knowing that mother moon would pop her head out the clouds so that we could see and feel her energy. The open circle was cleansed and then the priest went round to chose his high

    My New Home

    Well after much soul searching and house hunting i feel at last i am getting somewhere this has been such a stressful couple weeks, But at last i feel calmer today then i have for a long time.They say house hunting is just as stressful as getting Divorced and i have got to get through both of this...But i know my guides and family in spirit are with me 100per cent helping all they can given me little signes to help me on my way...Going out today to take another look at a house that i saw yesterday.
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